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Brenden M.

Music software, how do you use it? It's a combination of critical listening, a bit of music theory, a bit of sound physics, and poking around until you get the result.

Vancouver, BC & Online | Music Software, Synthesizer, Ear Training, Music Composition | Hourly Rate: $35

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Chooi C.

Director of Chooi's Piano Studio. Passionate and effective piano teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching piano, music theory, ear training, and coaching collaborative piano ensembles. Versatile in working with students of all ages and levels. Co-founder of Malaysian Piano Quartet.

Montreal, QC | Piano, Music Theory, Ear Training, Songwriting | Hourly Rate: $65

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Dorian D.

Pianist, composer, accompanist, and coach and who applies an all-rounded customed teaching approach for students interested in learning composition, pop, classical, theory and keyboard harmony.

Montreal, QC | Piano, Music Composition, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $62

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Joseph K.

Retired Music Theorist (age 60). Author of "Dodecaphonic Tonality" (2013) available online in both printed and electronic versions. This is a book on advanced Music Theory and Composition.

Surrey, BC | Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $30

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David S.

Acclaimed for his charisma and versatility, guitarist David Sossa has fascinated audiences internationally. As a soloist, David has performed in Japan, England, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador. He is also a chamber musician, participating with other artists locally and internationally in both live and recorded performance. David holds a Master of Music degree in Guitar Performance from The University of British Columbia having received numerous scholarships throughout his studies and career. He has recorded a solo album, released in 2010. He was the Head of the Guitar Department at the BC Conservatory of Music from 2015 ...

Vancouver, BC & Online | Guitar, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $55

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Dr. Daniel M.

*Ask me anything Music* Accepting composers and songwriters in fortifying your fundamentals in harmony and counterpoint, form, structure, and writing skills--- as well developing a unique artistic voice and redefining how you communicate through music. For more visit www.danielmehdizadeh.com

Toronto, ON & Online | Music Theory, Music Composition, Ear Training, Songwriting | Hourly Rate: $100

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Regina S.

Professional singer, songwriter, composer and arranger who has been teaching music theory and ear training since 2013; singing and voice since 2015.

North Bergen, NJ & Online | Singing And Voice, Piano, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $55

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Miria D.

Hi, I am a pianist, Master in Music Education with more than 10 years of experience in piano lessons from beginner to advanced level, Music for Chlidren's and keyboard.

Montreal, QC & Online | Piano, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $45

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Nadya M.

Online Piano Lessons By Professional Pianist with experience 20 years in teaching

Online | Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $25

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Qiana L.

Now accepting new students for in-person lessons and online lessons! I teach piano, voice, theory to all ages and all ethnicity, in 1-1 or group settings. I teach in fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Nanaimo, BC & Online | Piano, Singing And Voice, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $67

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Hugo W.

It's not about your technique or how many scales you know. It's about attitude, confidence and delivery onstage. Many musicians are just reciting what they play. Let's face it, you won't get any girls like this! Je parle français aussi.

Montreal, QC | Guitar, Ear Training, Songwriting | Hourly Rate: $45

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Stephen W.

Hello! I have 17 years of teaching experience, in a variety of playing styles and musical genres. I am formally trained (classical), but I also have always played (and gigged) by ear, working at improvising solos, fingerstyle guitar, on electric, acoustic and nylon string guitars. From these playing styles, I teach to my students as many tips, techniques, and practice ideas, as I know. My passion is to share artistic and technical knowledge, and I am inspired as a teacher when I see my students improving because of their dedication and passion for the instrument.

Pointe Claire, QC & Online | Guitar, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $41

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Madeline C.

Professional composer/arranger offering theory, ear training, and sight-reading lessons in jazz and contemporary music.

Toronto, Etobicoke, ON & Online | Ear Training, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $35

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Julien L.

I've been working with music for more than half my life. I started with a concert band in high school which is what led me into digital audio workstations. After that I started producing music, audio engineering and attended Trebas institute for audio engineering and production. However, I learned that these programs cost tens of thousands of dollars and I wasn't getting enough out of the course. They teach you the basics, but not the techniques, tips, tricks and so much more. After years of producing in a home studio I created Matte Black Records Ltd. one of Torontos highest ...

Toronto, ON & Online | Music Software, Music Composition, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $65

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Alex F.

Professional Piano/Vocal singing teacher with 8 years experience. My mandate is to always keep it positive and encouraging since music training progress thrives in that environment. I am aware that it is the responsibility of the teacher to discover the unique challenges of each student and to have a unique solution for each.

Toronto, ON | Piano, Singing And Voice, Ear Training, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $50

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Steven P.

I have played guitar for over 15 years. I have live and studio recording experience. I have taught music privately for the past couple years and I am currently enrolled in Centennial College's Music Industry Arts and Performance advanced diploma program. I have been writing and producing my own music for the past 5 years.

Scarborough, ON & Online | Guitar, Music Composition, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $25

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Erin L.

I am a piano and music theory teacher in Surrey with more than 10 years teaching experience.I teach piano with passion, patience, and commitment so we can encourage your child to fully appreciate the beauty of music and sound. . In every lesson my goal is to inspire the student and to guide them towards something that they themselves will love and discover. I always try to create a stress-free atmosphere to help students progress. So no matter your age and goal, everyone who loves music are welcome to join me.

Surrey, BC | Piano, Music Theory, Keyboard, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $55

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Changhee L.

Professional Teacher of Piano, Theory, Ear Training, Keyboard Skills, and Composition.

Online | Music Theory, Piano, Ear Training, Music Composition | Hourly Rate: $85

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Andrew D.

Hello my name is Andrew, I’m a guitar/piano player, I base my knowledge on theory, and love to challenge myself in many different ways using complex concepts of theory, I’m good with people and I can teach any genre of music you wish to learn.

Online | Guitar, Ear Training, Piano | Hourly Rate: $15

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Jesse B.

Semi-professional musician with 17 years experience on euphonium, 15 years of experience on tuba, 10 years of experience on trombone, 5 years of experience on horn/flute/clarinet/trumpet/saxophone, 1 year of experience with oboe/bassoon. I consider myself proficient to teach on low brass instruments.

Surrey, BC | Tuba, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $55

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Zoe B.

I have been classically trained in voice for over 10 years and received a BFA in Music last spring. I have extensive knowledge in Music Theory, Ear Training, and voice

Ottawa, ON | Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $45

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Elsa L.

I have been teaching piano for 18 years, with experiences teaching students of varies age from children to adults. Children are welcome to start lesson with me stating from 6 years old. Whether student is playing RCM exam or just learning for pleasure, bothering are welcome.

Richmond Hill, ON | Piano, Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $35

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Dr. Joyce W.

>20+ years of professional music teaching experience with beginner students to advancing in competitions and examinations > Concert pianist, educator, professional vocal coach, and adjudicator with a global presence > Strong computer and time management skills, and experienced in working with students in-person and online

Vancouver, BC & Online | Piano, Cello, Ear Training, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $105

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