Vancouver Music Software, Music Composition, Synthesizer, Ear Training Instructor Brenden

Music Software tutor Brenden from Vancouver, BC
Name Brenden M.Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Additional Locations Burnaby, New Westminster
Teaching Music Software, Music Composition, Synthesizer, Ear Training
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Hourly Rate $35

Music software I know best are Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and iZotope RX but I have general knowledge that might apply to other software. I have about 17 years of experience in electronic music, audio mixing, including MIDI, controllers, effects, synths, recording, editing, and DAWs.

Music Background & Credentials
Audio Engineering and Production, Pacific Audio Visual Institute, BC Sept 2010. Program average around 94% (Honors). About 28 hrs/month spent in studio internship while at school, with hundreds of hours practicing recording and mixing in a studio environment.
Professional Experience
Engineer for two seasons of a podcast since 2021, a third in planning. Since 2017, I've edited and mixed voiceovers for an educational software company. Several years ago, I worked for an audio book company. After going to audio school I co-produced a full album by a bluegrass band. I have produced several albums of my own electronic music but I'm mostly into that for fun!
Teaching & Other Details
Some sound physics and some math are both quite useful to get around music production. To understand some numbers and principles is to understand what software can do and what your ears hear. Further, I want to help you expand the skills you most want to learn. To get the right settings on a synth or effect, it helps to understand terms like "hertz", "filter", "gain", "frequency" and so on. Ppress a button, turn a knob, and hear new connections!
Late morning to early evenings.
Preferred Teaching Place
Zoom. At your home studio in Vancouver. A cafe or at the library. I will wear a mask during in person sessions.
2 reviews available.

Melissa L.

Knowledgeable and patient instructor
6 months ago

Brendan is a wonderful instructor and is willing to go the extra mile to help you reach your goals. I went in knowing nothing about synthesizers, and Brendan researched my particular instruments to help me get the most out of them. He possesses a breadth of knowledge that I feel I only skimmed the surface of. I definitely recommend him as an instructor and look forward to continuing lessons with him in the future.

Michael S.
Michael S.

Excellent Teacher, Informed and Personable
11 months ago

Brenden is an excellent teacher in the area of Audio & Visual production, and has a vast knowledge of most digital recording systems, as well is patient and detailed in his explanations of exactly how these systems work. I would highly recommend Brenden as a coach, mentor and teacher. I am a professional musician as well and have logged many hours in the recording studio as a producer, so I have worked with some very good engineers over the years. Brenden had a vast array of knowledge in the digital audio visual recording realm and I would highly recommend him to assist you with learning how to record with DAW, Audio Engineer and/or assist with producing your music and/or music video. Check me out on Sax in the George Michael Video - Kissing a Fool I have played Sax in Bands with Keith Scott Guitarist with Bryan Adams, toured across Canada opening for Mr. Mr. with the Jim Foster Band. Opened for James Brown, Greg Allman with the R&B All Stars Worked as a Music Publishing Manager / Producer of Karaoke with United Karaoke, Wrote and Produced Jingles with Can-a Jingle, Uptown Productions - Produced Video Productions for Canadian Airlines in flight destination, and have performed countless other gigs over the years - including my own corporate band Jet Set I know talent when I see it, Brenden is a very talented instructor! Check him out! Michael Skinner

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