Vancouver Music Software, Music Composition, Synthesizer, Ear Training Instructor Brenden

Music Software tutor Brenden from Vancouver, BC
Name Brenden M.Recommended
City Vancouver, BC
Teaching Music Software, Music Composition, Synthesizer, Ear Training
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Hourly Rate $35

Update for October 2021: I am available online via Zoom or in person in Vancouver (double vaccinated/masked) to tutor music software, electronic composition, and audio engineering.

If you are curious about music software and home recording, I have knowledge and experience.

I have more than 15 years of experience with computer audio, music software, MIDI devices, synthesizers, recording, mixing, and electronic composition.

I am ready to help you learn to produce music, to better understand technical aspects of recording and mixing.

Music Background & Credentials
Audio Engineering and Production, Pacific Audio Visual Institute, BC Sept 2010

● Program average around 94% (Honors)
●Topics included mixing/recording technique, career management, audio for video, music production, music software
● About 28 hrs/ month spent in studio internship while at school and hundreds of hours over 1 year, practicing recording and mixing in student allotted studio time.
Professional Experience
Using music software, such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, as well as many free and paid plugins. I've done quite a bit of creative and professional work. Since 2017 I've edited audio for a software company.

●2.5 years experience using music/audio software to edit narration when I worked for an audio book company.

●Recorded and co-produced a full album by a bluegrass band. We used a professional recording studio for recording, and I did the rest of editing, mixing, and mastering at home.

●Electronica composition: 15 years.

●Tutor: 8 years.
●Ableton Live user: 15 years.

●Home and professional recording, mixing, electronic composition, synthesizers, effects+plugins, programming rhythm, MIDI, and electronic percussion.
Teaching & Other Details
I have a strong knack for filling in comprehension and practical gaps to address areas where the student is both challenged and interested to expand.

For instance, to dial in settings on a more interesting synth or software, you should have the definitions of things like "filter and frequency" in mind as well as have an ears-on approach where you turn a certain knob and go "Whoa, that sound just changed, and I can understand how." Then you will really see creative ideas on their course to produced material.

Afternoons and evenings.
Preferred Teaching Place
Zoom. At your home studio in Vancouver.
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