North Bergen Singing And Voice, Piano, Music Theory, Ear Training Instructor Regina

Singing And Voice tutor Regina from North Bergen, NJ
Name Regina S.
City North Bergen, NJ
Teaching Singing And Voice, Piano, Music Theory, Ear Training
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Hourly Rate $55

Professional singer, songwriter, composer and arranger who has been teaching music theory and ear training since 2013; singing and voice since 2015.

Music Background & Credentials
Amadeo Roldan Music Conservatory 2012-2014 McGill Conservatory Collegial Level II Classical Piano Graduation with honors 2015 Professional Jazz Voice - Vanier College 2015-2018.
Professional Experience
Originally from Havana, Cuba, Regina “Gina” Soto is a young pianist, singer, composer and arranger with a wide repertoire of songs and genres like jazz, R&B, blues, soul, and pop. After refining her composing skills for over a decade, she has now written many songs of her own. She currently leads the Inner Circle, experimenting with sounds influenced by Anderson, Paak, Thundercat, Jacob Collier, Ledisi, D’Angelo, and many more. They participated in the Folk Fest in 2016 and have played at La Marche à Côté, Bar St Denis, Club Ballattou, and other venues around Montreal. Gina and The Inner Circle are currently working on their first EP. Since 2017 Gina has been working with Kali Rodriguez-Pena Sextet as well as "The Melodic Flat Sharps", each group with a very different repertoire which shows her ability to perform a wide variety of genres and styles.
Teaching & Other Details
I'm planning to teach using different methods from the Cuban music school as well as some of the music school here in Quebec. Using a diverse repertoire and approaches of songs. Also is going to be based on the necessities, strength and weaknesses of each students and how to make disappear those weaknesses.
I have a flexible schedule during the week.
Preferred Teaching Place
I will prefer to teach at my home but I'm willing to work at the students home as well.
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Rhona O.

My experience summary is excellent
6 years ago

My experience can be justified enabling the following teaching abilities. The qualities shown during our sessions are described as competent, skilled, good comprehension of the required material. i submit my recommendation to enable students in their learning process

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