Surrey Music Theory Instructor Joseph

Music Theory tutor Joseph from Surrey, BC
Name Joseph K.Recommended
City Surrey, BC
Teaching Music Theory, Ear Training
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Hourly Rate $30

Retired Music Theorist (age 60). Author of "Dodecaphonic Tonality" (2013) available online in both printed and electronic versions. This is a book on advanced Music Theory and Composition.

Music Background & Credentials
Undergraduate: B. Mus. in Piano Performance (Major), Organ Minor, B. A. in Mathematics. Graduate: Music Theory -- M. Mus. (UBC), Ph. D. (Michigan State University). Additional: ARCT and A. Mus. in Piano Performance.
Professional Experience
I have taught primarily all areas of Music Theory (including ear training), but also all of Music History and Music Appreciation (both missing from your list of subjects)!
Teaching & Other Details
All preparatory Music Theory and Music History courses for all grades of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto examinations, as per their syllabus and their recommended textbooks.
Any late afternoons, any evenings, any weekends, with scheduling to be as practical as possible.
Preferred Teaching Place
For individual lessons, at my home in Surrey. However, these courses are usually taught in small classes, because then, each student pays less, and the professor earns more, so it works out very well. All students who take RCMT examinations in their instrument must pass the required matching Theory and History examinations as well in order to get full credit for their grade level. I am putting your minimum hourly rate of $25, but for classes it would be $40, especially if commuting is involved. How many students I would take on would depend on practical matters such as scheduling, the amount of commuting involved, etc. For example, if I could teach primarily in Surrey, but spend one day each week in North Delta or White Rock, I would probably do it. All of this would have to be discussed, as I do not know what your current or anticipated needs are. I would also consider undertaking co-ordination of your entire Music Theory, Music History, and Music Appreciation areas. Please include Music History and Music Appreciation in your curriculum. Music Appreciation is often studied by people of all ages who are not necessarily musicians or aspiring musicians, but have interests similar to those of students of Art History.
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