Online Guitar, Ear Training, Piano Instructor Andrew

Guitar tutor Andrew from Online
Name Andrew D.
City Online
Teaching Guitar, Ear Training, Piano
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults
Levels Beginner, Intermediate
Hourly Rate $15

Hello my name is Andrew, I’m a guitar/piano player, I base my knowledge on theory, and love to challenge myself in many different ways using complex concepts of theory, I’m good with people and I can teach any genre of music you wish to learn.

Music Background & Credentials
Band class in high school, immense shredding prowess
Professional Experience
Musical production, produced an EP
Teaching & Other Details
I love to guide people in a way to where they know what they are playing, and understand it at a fundamental level, also an approach to learn things properly the first time
Weekends 11am-5pm Monday-Friday 5pm-9pm
Preferred Teaching Place
Online via Skype, messenger, google hangouts, discord
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