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Steve S.

30 years playing non-pro , transcribing experience, quick song learning methods

North York, ON | Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar | Hourly Rate: $25

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Abby L.

BA,MA in piano performance, over 8 years of teaching experiences. Hi! My name is Abby. I have a Master Degree in Music Performance. I love to teach and perform. I am able to teach both in Chinese and English. Wether you want to learn your favorite song or take formal classical piano lessons, I can design your own lessons. The first lesson is free, contact and have a try!

Victoria, BC & Online | Piano | Hourly Rate: $65

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Anirudd S.

Professional clarinetist, performer, teacher and clinician with over 15 years of experience. Private lessons, group coaching, and masterclasses. Teaches clarinet (all levels), saxophone (beg-intermed), piano (beginning), and Music Theory.

Portland, OR & Online | Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $60

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Breila C.

Semi-professional violinist/pianist, with 3 years of teaching experience in both fields. Have taught both children and adults.

Calgary, AB & Online | Violin, Piano | Hourly Rate: $35

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Wael Giovanni C.

Hello Everybody! I'm a very energetic, charismatic, passionate Pianist/Piano Accompanist and Music Teacher who truly believe in the power of music...

Dorval, QC | Piano | Hourly Rate: $35

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Jon R.

I'm professional with many years experience

Belleville, ON & Online | Piano | Hourly Rate: $35

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Omar V.

I have a good backround in music theory, jazz theory, ear training, and guitar peformance. I am well versed with neo soul, jazz, r and b, blues, and flamenco. Music composition and ear training is something I can greatly help with as well.

Montreal, QC | Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $50

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Silas C.

Professional Guitarist/Vocalist/Keyboardist M.Mus Guitar Performance/Voice Minor

Montreal, QC & Online | Guitar, Singing And Voice, Piano, Ukulele | Hourly Rate: $45

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Alex F.

Professional Piano/Vocal singing teacher with 8 years experience. My mandate is to always keep it positive and encouraging since music training progress thrives in that environment. I am aware that it is the responsibility of the teacher to discover the unique challenges of each student and to have a unique solution for each.

Toronto, ON | Piano, Singing And Voice, Ear Training, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $50

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Aleh R.

Professional musician with many years of experience in solo, chamber and orchestra performance.

Toronto, Barrie, ON & Online | Oboe, Piano | Hourly Rate: $85

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Andy S.

I teach students of ages and levels, and have coached many clarinet players at middle/high schools in the Beaverton School District and others. Through my teaching, I help the student to expand their musical horizon and to discover their unique voice as an artist, while getting a solid foundation of the clarinet with regard to embouchure, fingers, articulation, breathing and blowing, etc, in addition to learning our wonderful repertoire; solo, chamber music, orchestral music, and others. I use various methods that have helped guide me as a performer and teach in a way that best suits each individual and ...

Portland, OR & Online | Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $50

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Erin L.

I am a piano and music theory teacher in Surrey with more than 10 years teaching experience.I teach piano with passion, patience, and commitment so we can encourage your child to fully appreciate the beauty of music and sound. . In every lesson my goal is to inspire the student and to guide them towards something that they themselves will love and discover. I always try to create a stress-free atmosphere to help students progress. So no matter your age and goal, everyone who loves music are welcome to join me.

Surrey, BC | Piano, Music Theory, Keyboard, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $55

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Lisa A.

Professional teacher with Bachelor Of Music, Bachelor of Education, Grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music Piano diploma, 20 years teaching experience, organist and pianist. Yamaha Canada Music certified teacher and certified specialist for theory and piano.

Airdrie, AB | Piano | Hourly Rate: $65

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Changhee L.

Professional Teacher of Piano, Theory, Ear Training, Keyboard Skills, and Composition.

Online | Music Theory, Piano, Ear Training, Music Composition | Hourly Rate: $85

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Leo B.

Professional Jazz pianist who loves rock climbing!

Portland, OR & Online | Piano | Hourly Rate: $40

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Jonathan F.

I've been playing jazz piano since I was 14, have studied with many great teachers including two years in jazz performance at U of T. I have been playing professionally in Toronto for about ten years.

Toronto, ON & Online | Piano | Hourly Rate: $55

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Klaudia L.

Professional music teacher with 4 years of teaching experience. First taught at the Niagara Institute of Music and Arts, and now teach from home.

Oakville, ON | Piano | Hourly Rate: $45

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Vicky N.

- Music therapist based teacher (for special child, senior, and adults with mental issues) - 12 years music teaching experience includes: Private lesson of piano, ukulele, clarinet, recorder, music theory, ear training, improvisation. - Pre-school music instructor - Recorder band conductor

Richmond, BC & Online | Piano, Music Theory, Ukulele | Hourly Rate: $45

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Sasha C.

Currently Master's Student in Voice Performance and Literature at University of Western. I have 3 years of teaching experience in voice and piano

Toronto, ON | Singing And Voice, Piano | Hourly Rate: $35

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Jesse P.

Professional classical pianist and composer. 20 Years teaching experience. www.jesseplessis.com

Montreal, QC & Online | Piano | Hourly Rate: $110

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Andrew D.

Hello my name is Andrew, I’m a guitar/piano player, I base my knowledge on theory, and love to challenge myself in many different ways using complex concepts of theory, I’m good with people and I can teach any genre of music you wish to learn.

Online | Guitar, Ear Training, Piano | Hourly Rate: $15

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Clinton D.

 Piano Teacher Began teaching and giving master classes professionally in 2000 to both children and adults of all ages and levels  Concert Pianist Performing across North America, giving solo recitals and performing with orchestras since 2007

Chilliwack, BC | Piano | Hourly Rate: $65

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Kelly X.

- Taught piano students age from 5-14 years old, my students have achieved amazing RCM results from grade 3-10 - Provided ear training and sight reading trainings - Motivated and provoked students’ interests in classical music - Taught rudiment II theory

Markham, ON | Piano | Hourly Rate: $40

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Suzanne P.

I have been singing classical music for over ten years.

Oshawa, ON | Singing And Voice, Piano | Hourly Rate: $30

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Luis G.

12 years experience teaching RCM, Jazz improvisation and current styles. I also teach Song-Writing

Langley, BC | Piano, Songwriting | Hourly Rate: $40

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Gabe G.

Professional musician/educator with 12 years of performance experience and 8 years of teaching experience. Teachables are Drums (main instrument) Piano, guitar, violin, classical percussion and theory.

Toronto, ON | Drum, Piano | Hourly Rate: $35

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Donna P.

Professional music instructor with 2.5 years of private teaching experience.

North York, ON | Piano | Hourly Rate: $45

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Spencer R.

Young music teacher with 2 years of experience teaching to younger children.

Montreal, QC | Piano | Hourly Rate: $55

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Nodar O.

Guitar, Piano, Guitar ensemble, Music theory, RCM and McGill examinations

Montreal, QC | Guitar, Piano | Hourly Rate: $60

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William T.

Undergraduate from UBC with twelve years of musical experience passionate about teaching music to young students.

Burnaby, BC | Piano | Hourly Rate: $20

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