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Jay T.

I am the single most released artist in Canada. I have been producing music for 23 years, djing for 28 and have made a living doing music. I have taught at music schools, and private 1 on 1 lessons.

Vancouver, BC | Music Software, Djing, Synthesizer | Hourly Rate: $55

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Brayden K.

I am a percussionist from Mississauga completing my Bachelors of Music at Wilfrid Laurier University. I have proffessional experience performing as a Jazz Drummer and Orchestral Percussionist across Ontario.

Mississauga, ON & Online | Drum, Percussion, Marimba, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $25

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E.j. S.

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer/songwriter with experience in all genres of music. Solo artist active in the Toronto music scene including session work with many popular Toronto acts. 1 year of music teaching experience.

Toronto, ON & Online | Guitar, Music Software, Songwriting | Hourly Rate: $40

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Cezar W.

Music industry professional who has been in the industry for 5 years as a guitarist/mixer/engineer, looking to teach students in those fields.

Vancouver, BC | Guitar, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $45

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Raphael R.

Music Producer, Instructor, Arranger, Performer and songwriting coach. Been teaching all ages and all styles for years. You'll learn the what, the how and the why of what music is for and enjoy the learning process along the way. Sometimes all it takes is a patient teacher.

Montreal, QC | Guitar, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $40

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Ibrahim S.

Professional OUD Player, Arabic and Eastern Solfege tutor (Maqam).

Vancouver, BC & Online | Oud, Singing And Voice, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $75

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Zachary W.

Hi, my name is Zachary and I have a strong passion for music (especially electronic) a lot. I taught myself how to produce music as well as beatboxing a few years ago, around 2014/2015 and I still have a lot to learn. However, I want to share the basics / my current knowledge in terms of music production / djing and beatboxing to people who are interested and want to learn a new skill instead of watching a bunch of videos online since it might not work for everyone and it might take more time for them to achieve the desired results (I've ...

Toronto, ON | Music Software, Music Composition, Djing | Hourly Rate: $35

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Alan W.

Producer,Muti-instrumentalist, Audio Director, Classical / Electric Guitar, Pop/Rock/Funk Bass Guitar, Pop/Rock Drummer

Vancouver, BC & Online | Bass Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $80

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Felipe M.

Felipe has facilitated different workshops around Canada focusing in music production, event production and audio technologies from ages 12+. 1 year experience in the 4 cuartos School of rock as a Bass guitar instructor and more than 2 years experience facilitating knowledge and spaces to apply knowledge in different areas of the showcasing business.

Kelowna, Westbank, Kelowna, BC & Online | Bass Guitar, Djing, Music Software, Music Composition | Hourly Rate: $70

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Dean W.

Mostly self-taught guitarist since 1979, had 10 students over the years, beginners welcome. Prolific composer and professional performer in jazz fusion, singer songwriter, folk rock and alternative to hard rock, and fingerstyle guitar. Actively produce production music for media placement, can teach that too.

Victoria, BC & Online | Guitar, Music Composition, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $60

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Caitlyn N.

I've been studying music through school and on my own for 16+ years. I'm attending my 2nd music school and spend my free time writing and learning production and theory. I play keys, guitar, saxophone, bass, percussion and I compose, arrange, produce, record and mix. You can hear my music production and composition work here:

Online | Music Software, Guitar, Songwriting, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $45

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Brenden M.Recommended

Learn music software, sound design, instruments, and plugins. Set up a home studio. I have ~17 years of experience in computer audio, including MIDI, controllers, FX, synths, recording, editing, and DAWs. Time and practice can help you produce the sounds you imagine, but having a tutor on hand is a fast track!

Vancouver, Burnaby, BC & Online | Music Software, Synthesizer, Music Composition, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $35

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Eric B.

Professional Digital Media Music Composer and Performer

Online | Bassoon, Synthesizer, Music Composition, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $25

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Emerson S.

Professional audio engineer with 5 years of experience.

Toronto, ON & Online | Music Software | Hourly Rate: $45

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Brad T.

25yrs as a performer playing guitar and singing. I am a LOGIC9 producer and have done some tutoring. Also can teach basic pedal steel and songwriting.

Vancouver, BC | Music Software | Hourly Rate: $35

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Zachary C.

Local musician and producer eager to help budding music-makers get started developing their vocation. Over 15 years of cumulative musical experience and education. Clean-living and personable with a passion for the art.

Burlington, ON & Online | Bass Guitar, Music Software, Saxophone | Hourly Rate: $25

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Pola D.

I have been playing electric guitar for 7 years. I am knowledgeable about music theory from beginning level to advanced level.

Vancouver, BC | Music Theory, Guitar, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $45

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Ian D.

I have significant musicology experience - Theory, History, ear training, and I am very familiar with Finale music notation software.

West Vancouver, BC | Music Theory, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $25

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Jeanot M.

I am an audio engineer/producer/educator specializing in Ableton Live 8 and 9. With 3 years of full time production and 1 year of private lessons under my belt I am ready to take the next step in my musical career.

Delta, BC | Music Software | Hourly Rate: $30

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Andrew S.

I am a professional Sound designer based out of Vancouver. i have previous teaching experience from my days teaching Drum & Drum theory at AXE Music in Edmonton, Alta.

Vancouver, BC | Music Theory, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $30

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Adel B.

Hi, I’m a Mixing engineer and beat maker. I’m currently in my last semester at LaSalle college’s Recording Arts program. I mainly use Ableton live, pro-tools and logic.

Vancouver, BC | Music Software, Music Theory, Music Composition | Hourly Rate: $30

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Kyle G.

Toronto-area guitarist / producer. Experience teaching beginner guitar beginner DAW production lessons.

Toronto, ON & Online | Guitar, Music Software, Music Composition | Hourly Rate: $35

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