Music Teachers, Instructors and Tutors in Surrey

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Jeong-Won S.Recommended

Vancouver-based flautist, active both in performing and teaching

Surrey, BC & Online | Flute, Piano | Hourly Rate: $60

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Joseph K.Recommended

Retired Music Theorist (age 60). Author of "Dodecaphonic Tonality" (2013) available online in both printed and electronic versions. This is a book on advanced Music Theory and Composition.

Surrey, BC | Music Theory, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $30

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Jennifer H.

I have a teaching certificate and grade 8 violin certificate. I am good with beginners to intermediate players. I can also teach beginner piano. I can work with adults and children

Surrey, BC | Violin, Fiddle, Piano | Hourly Rate: $55

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Bryan T.

ormer principal trumpet of McGill Wind Orchestra, second trumpet of McGill Symphony Orchestra, Lead trumpet of New West Big Band, and third trumpet of Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

Surrey, BC & Online | Trumpet | Hourly Rate: $65

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Nicholas O.

Conservatory graduate and seasoned educator offering piano lessons in the Surrey-Newton area. All levels, online and in-home lessons available.

Surrey, BC & Online | Piano | Hourly Rate: $68

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Matt C.

Professional guitar player with 15 years of experience in electric, acoustic, classical, bass as well as ukulele.

Surrey, BC & Online | Guitar, Ukulele, Music Theory, Songwriting | Hourly Rate: $55

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Daniel B.

Professional Drummer who makes drumming/learning fun and provide an empassioned educated sense for the therapy behind drumming.

Surrey, BC | Drum, Djemble | Hourly Rate: $35

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Erin L.

I am a piano and music theory teacher in Surrey with more than 10 years teaching experience.I teach piano with passion, patience, and commitment so we can encourage your child to fully appreciate the beauty of music and sound. . In every lesson my goal is to inspire the student and to guide them towards something that they themselves will love and discover. I always try to create a stress-free atmosphere to help students progress. So no matter your age and goal, everyone who loves music are welcome to join me.

Surrey, BC | Piano, Music Theory, Keyboard, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $55

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Jesse B.

Semi-professional musician with 17 years experience on euphonium, 15 years of experience on tuba, 10 years of experience on trombone, 5 years of experience on horn/flute/clarinet/trumpet/saxophone, 1 year of experience with oboe/bassoon. I consider myself proficient to teach on low brass instruments.

Surrey, BC | Tuba, Ear Training | Hourly Rate: $55

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William D.

Drumming with attitude is a Caribbean based music school located in British Columbia, that is designed to turn non-drummers into drummers and beginners into professionals. Our teachers have more than 20 years experience in drums and more than 10 years in piano.

Surrey, BC & Online | Drum, Keyboard, Trumpet | Hourly Rate: $35

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Marie-Chantale B.

Offering private vocal coaching from the comfort of your home - specializing in students ages 10-16, can work with any age however.

Surrey, BC | Singing And Voice | Hourly Rate: $35

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Colin B.

RCM Exams and Presently Studying Jazz at Capilano University

Surrey, BC | Singing And Voice | Hourly Rate: $45

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