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Paolinio O.

Certified instructor. Over 25 years of hands-on experience teaching the Guitar, Ukulele, the South American Charango (String instrument) the Quena (Wind instrument) and the South American Cajon (Drum) as a certified instructor. Extensive experience working with and tutoring youth and adults.

Burnaby, BC & Online | Guitar, Quena, Ukulele, Charango | Hourly Rate: $56

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Luis D.

Experienced guitar player with 10+ years in performing, writing, and recording.

Burnaby, BC & Online | Guitar | Hourly Rate: $25

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Michelle B.

Professional Recording Artist/ multi-instrumentalist/Singer Songwriter with over 10 years experience teaching and performing all across Canada.

Burnaby, North Vancouver, BC & Online | Guitar, Singing And Voice, Piano, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $65

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Kyle H.

Professional bassist and private bass instructor spanning nearly 25 years of experience. Very knowledgable and skilled in all aspects of electric and upright bass including technique, music theory, music notation reading and all genres of music.

Burnaby, BC & Online | Bass Guitar, Bass Violin | Hourly Rate: $55

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Joseph A.

Im a professional musician with 25 years of experience both teaching and performing as singer and keyboardist, pianist in band.

Burnaby, BC & Online | Singing And Voice | Hourly Rate: $55

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Alfred L.

Graduated college student 9 years of playing experience with 5 years of Concert band (1 year in jazz band, and symphony) experience.

Burnaby, BC | Drum | Hourly Rate: $25

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William T.

Undergraduate from UBC with twelve years of musical experience passionate about teaching music to young students.

Burnaby, BC | Piano | Hourly Rate: $20

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