Music Teachers, Instructors and Tutors in Mississauga

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Brayden K.

I am a percussionist from Mississauga completing my Bachelors of Music at Wilfrid Laurier University. I have proffessional experience performing as a Jazz Drummer and Orchestral Percussionist across Ontario.

Mississauga, ON & Online | Drum, Percussion, Marimba, Music Software | Hourly Rate: $25

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Trish H.

Award-Winning, Versatile, Pro Musician & Music Artist with over 15 years teaching experience and 20+ years pro playing experience.

Mississauga, ON & Online | Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory, Songwriting | Hourly Rate: $35

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Jamie F.

I’ve been playing music for 20 years, and have a passion for helping people discover their inner musician. When you sign up for lessons with me, you will be provided with professional guidance, feedback, and resources to reach all your musical goals at the pace you’re most comfortable with. Lessons can be done online or in person, based on your preference and current restrictions. Set up a call with me for more info.

Mississauga, ON & Online | Piano, Saxophone | Hourly Rate: $55

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Braden M.

I am a guitar teacher and singer/songwriter with a strong focus on popular music with an option for classical guitar and blues and jazz. I have a child of my own so am comfortable with kids and try to teach people things they can enjoy playing and remember.

Mississauga, ON | Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory | Hourly Rate: $45

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Bozena S.

Professional violin teacher of 28 years experience

Mississauga, ON | Violin | Hourly Rate: $65

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Sebastian J.

Self taught and relaxed guitarist. I don't play to entertain others. To me, playing music you really like, alone or in a band, can be immensely therapeutic. I would love to help others experience that.

Mississauga, ON | Guitar, Drum | Hourly Rate: $15

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Mark Z.

I have been teaching privately at Strings Attached music shop in addition to working for the company Fly By Sound Productions, teaching both group and private lessons.

Mississauga, ON | Piano, Guitar | Hourly Rate: $30

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Bernard S.

Professional piano and theory teacher with over 13 years of both group and private teaching. Students consistently achieve over 80% in practical and theory examinations. Engages in continuous professional development workshops and courses.

Mississauga, ON | Piano | Hourly Rate: $45

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Joshua M.

Professional piano player with touring experience that has been teaching piano lessons for 7 years. I am a classically and jazz trained pianist that also plays by ear. Teaching all age groups: toddlers to adults. Beginning to Advanced Students

Mississauga, ON | Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Drum | Hourly Rate: $50

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