Toronto Guitar Instructor Brent

Guitar tutor Brent from Toronto, ON
Name Brent P.
City Toronto, ON
Teaching Guitar
Working With Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Intermediate, Advanced
Hourly Rate $65

Pro guitar player with 35 years experience.

Music Background & Credentials
Did a year at Berklee and a year at Humber College. But my most relevant experience is from playing in club bands - R&B, Soul, Gospel & Blues
Professional Experience
Off and on in clubs for 30 years. Wrote, recorded and performed tracks in studio for Direct to Video films. Have played on tracks for TV commercials.
Teaching & Other Details
Figure out the student's needs first but typically begin with the major scale and diatonic harmony. Teach chord functions, understanding of modes and how to know when to use the ionian, dorian, mixolydian and aeolian in soloing.
Preferred Teaching Place
My home.
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