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Singing And Voice tutor Michelle from Online
Name Michelle G.
City Online
Teaching Singing And Voice, Violin, Songwriting, Piano
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Hourly Rate $70

Professional Vocal Coach & Piano/Violin Teacher with over 15 years of private music teaching experience. Rehabilitating and strengthening voices are two of my top specialties, and each lesson will have specific exercises tailored to helping you transform your voice into the highest and best version of your instrument. I work with singers signed to labels as well as the indie artist just starting to find his/her voice, style, and signature sound. My coaching approach incorporates some of the newest technologies that have shown extraordinary results in breaking down the inner blocks of each artist. It is a tremendously joyful and fulfilling experience to watch as my students really let their instrument shine brightly, boldly, and with an aboslutely stunning groundedness as they discover how powerful they truly are.

Music Background & Credentials
Masters in Music (Concentration in Vocal Performance) Bachelor's in Music (Theater Arts & Music Business) Associates in Arts (Music, Music Education)
Professional Experience
Recorded Vocals and Violin for various TV & Film productions, as well as collaborated and performed on numerous artists albums.
Teaching & Other Details
I tailor my lessons to my student's needs, style, abilities, and goals. Learning is truly a fun and passionate adventure for me, and my enthusiasm has consistently been a contagious quality :) I love to challenge myself & my students to discover how immense their true potential is, and I create a safe and fun environment to explore such facets. My curriculum is combination of solid tradition (Suzuki method for piano & violin, and Bel Canto technique for singing) interwoven with pop-culture, and modern influences. Within the first 3-6 months, my students will know the basic building blocks of music - which includes scales, arpeggios, triads, intervals, technique, and performance repertoire; and for my singers this will include proper breath technique, tone placement, support, very often increased vocal range (both high and low), and will feel significantly stronger vocally and more confident getting up to sing.
Flexible scheduling options as many of my students are working professionally or touring.
Preferred Teaching Place
Skype & Zoom Video Conference seem to be the best platforms for our lessons.
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Erick B.
Incredible Vocal Coach
4 years ago

The best vocal coach ever! Michelle is an incredible vocal coach. I can't believe I kissed so many frogs before I found her. She helped me expand my range, apply new techniques, and most importantly, she helped me build confidence in myself as a singer. She is funny and full of energy. There is no wasted second while working with Michelle. She'll make you work until she gets the best out of you. I wish I had the time to take three lessons a week with Michelle. I can only say great things about this wonderful teacher. She is the best!

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