Nanaimo Guitar, Songwriting, Music Theory, Music Composition Instructor Keanu

Guitar tutor Keanu from Nanaimo, BC
Name Keanu I.
City Nanaimo, BC
Teaching Guitar, Songwriting, Music Theory, Music Composition
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Hourly Rate $25

Hello i am Keanu Ienco. I am 20 years old and have been playing guitar since age 7. I have an advanced understanding of guitar in multiple genres as well as general music theory. I have also played numerous live shows and have recording tune that have had radioplay.

Music Background & Credentials
I am currently enrolled in my third year at Vancouver Island University for a Bachelor of Music in jazz studies focusing in guitar. I have had numerous teachers and have had guitar lessons for 13 years.
Professional Experience
I have played countless performances at all ages venues, bars, charity events etc. These gigs have ranged from acoustic songwriter, rock, punk, jazz, bebop. I have had numerous experiences in the recording studio. I have taught in the past and have previously done a workshop on music for nanaimo aboriginal youth. I also have worked at Tom Lee Music as a retail associate.
Teaching & Other Details
I like to build from what students know and above all else install a love for music and their instrument in them. I have previosly used Ernie Balls beginner guitar books for teaching reading as well as the Bugs Bower rythms book. For theory i have used the Barbara Wharram music theory for beginners workbook. I want students to have fun and learn what they want to learn.
I am a university student so evenings and weekends are typcally a better time for me but i can always try to adapt.
Preferred Teaching Place
My home, Vancouver Island University practice rooms, clients homes, skype etc.
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