Etobicoke Singing And Voice, Guitar, Guitar Instructor Karen

Singing And Voice tutor Karen from Etobicoke, ON
Name Karen E.
City Etobicoke, ON
Teaching Singing And Voice, Guitar, Guitar
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate
Hourly Rate $55

I am a musician who is passionate about playing and wish to give back by teaching others.

Music Background & Credentials
I have completed a 4-year Honours BFA program at York University and have been playing guitar and singing for over 15 years.
Professional Experience
I have taught casually in my home for about 7 years.
Teaching & Other Details
I don't use a specific method of teaching, but try to gage how each person learns. I start with a basic physical warm-up, dexterity exercises, scale exercises then a piece of music.
Currently, I am available any time. This may change, depending on my job hours (currently looking for work).
Preferred Teaching Place
At my home or the client's home (if convenient to drive to), or via Skype or other online site.
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