Toronto Music Software, Music Composition, Djing Instructor Zachary

Music Software tutor Zachary from Toronto, ON
Name Zachary W.
City Toronto, ON
Teaching Music Software, Music Composition, Djing
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Hourly Rate $35

Hi, my name is Zachary and I have a strong passion for music (especially electronic) a lot. I taught myself how to produce music as well as beatboxing a few years ago, around 2014/2015 and I still have a lot to learn. However, I want to share the basics / my current knowledge in terms of music production / djing and beatboxing to people who are interested and want to learn a new skill instead of watching a bunch of videos online since it might not work for everyone and it might take more time for them to achieve the desired results (I've seen a lot of people gave up in the middle because they didn't know what to do next or where to follow). Therefore, I hope I can help those out :) Check out my instagram or youtube! instagram: @ernest.z.wong youtube:

Music Background & Credentials
I mostly taught myself all the skills as what I want to learn is not a popular subject back in Hong Kong. But I can guarantee you will learn something from me that you can't learn from the internet :)
Professional Experience
I'm a music producer + dj (mainly electronic, beats) I've some experience with the DAW that's called Ableton (digital audio workstation aka music software), which a lot of professional producers or songwriters are using. Beside of that, I'm also a beatboxer. I've won several beatbox competitions in Hong Kong back in 2014 - 2016. I've performed beatboxing and djing in some small and big events (such as TEDx). From school performances to concert hall performances.
Teaching & Other Details
I will test / check the level of my students first before teaching them as everyone is different. Later on, I'll share a bit of my experience with them depending on what I'm teaching / what they are interested in as well as asking them why are they interested in this "subject" or what outcome/results do they want to achieve. Then, I'll start teaching them (what's being taught depends on the level of the student)
Other than Tuesday (10am - 6pm), Thursday (8am-10am) and Friday (10am-2pm). I'm pretty much free most of the time
Preferred Teaching Place
Music Production / Djing : Prefer my place since I have the proper equipment, but if the student can provide the equipment (a studio room with monitors, computer, dj controller) I can go to their place Beatboxing: Clients place or my place are both fine. But I prefer booking a band room so we can use the amps and mics, which will be a better choice
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