North York Singing And Voice, Songwriting Instructor Eva

Singing And Voice tutor Eva from North York, ON
Name Eva C.
City North York, ON
Additional Locations Vaughan, Thornhill
Teaching Singing And Voice, Songwriting
Working With Kids, Youth, Adults, Groups
Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Hourly Rate $50

Eva is an experienced vocal teacher with 25 years of teaching experience. Currently a doctoral candidate in Music (vocal pedagogy) at York University. Eva provides all her students with pre-recorded, ready-to-use piano accompaniments for specially designed exercises at no extra charge. This enables each student to practice on daily basis between lessons at home. This method significantly speeds-up the learning process, and enables the student to achieve audible results.

Music Background & Credentials
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Concordia University, Montreal QC Masters of Arts in Music York University, Toronto, ON PhD candidate, Music, York University
Professional Experience
Eva has created her own teaching method called School of Natural Voice, based on the principles of the Old Italian School of Singing. During her teaching career, she has taught over 6000 students, teaching privately in her own studio, as well as in private music schools in Canada and USA.
Teaching & Other Details
My program is created individually for each student, taking into consideration the student’s age, natural musical aptitude, and a present level of musicianship, as well as individual goals and needs. . The lessons have practical character and aim at gaining knowledge in the following areas: 1. Gradual, non-invasive work on proper voice emission.The aim is to develop a singing scale from two, to two and a half octaves (depending on the individual skills and abilities), which is the scale fully complying with the requirements of every genre of music repertoire (including classical). 2. Conscious forming of vowels and consonants in the voice registers, which provides clear and correct enunciation. 3 .Adaptation of psychological aspect in order to activate the subconscious, and the intuitive in singing. Mastery of the vocal mechanism through adequate training of the mind. 4. Gaining basic knowledge in the area of actor's work on the role, forming and developing acting methods for their use in interpreting the lyrics. 5. Learning songs in different styles (jazz, pop, soul, blues, rock, funk, r & b) with indication of the specific characteristic elements for each given genre. This gives the student ability to feel comfortable performing in a professional manner, in many styles of popular music. 6. Studying of vocal works, designed to familiarize students with renowned vocal performances in a variety of musical genres. This aims at developing the skills of conscious listening to music, and the ability to express opinions and discuss music in a professional manner - joint analysis of recordings of selected artists. 7. Practice singing songs with professional backing tracks, and working on repertoire (preparation, analysis and planning exercises). 8. Knowledge of music theory in jazz and popular genres, and its use in practice. 9. Knowledge and practice in the field of stage and studio performance (working with a microphone, knowledge of music equipment, musical programs, set up and use a home studio recording). 10. For singers who write their own music and lyrics, Eva provides consultations on composition and arrangement.
I'm flexible and can easily adapt to student's availability. I'm not available to teach on Thursdays.
Preferred Teaching Place
at student's home or my studio in North York.
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