Montreal Guitar Instructor Miguel

Guitar tutor Miguel from Montreal, QC
Name Miguel L.
City Montreal, QC
Teaching Guitar
Hourly Rate $25

Professional music instructor with over four years of experience.

Music Background & Credentials
Music diploma from Vancouver community college.
Professional Experience
Had a network of students I developed on my own through networking. Went to student homes and developed my own lessons based on student needs and characteristics.
Teaching & Other Details
Asking the right questions in terms of what styles interests the student, and determining specific goals based on different skill levels. For example, if the student likes pop music I would proceed to teaching songs the students is inspired by and then teaching the appropriate theory (scales, chords and rhythm) as well as making the lesson fun and dynamic by always having a goal I'm mind.
I'm currently available and have a very flexible schedule.
Preferred Teaching Place
Either students home or my home.
0 reviews available.

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